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Top Ways To Relieve Pain After a Dental Implant

Top Ways To Relieve Pain After a Dental Implant

If you have missing teeth due to some accident or injury, or illness, then dental implants are often the most seamless way to get rid of them. Of course, after having a dental implant, you can wear a beautiful smile again on your face with a natural look-alike & attractive set of teeth. Mostly, healing doesn’t take much time after dental implantation. However, it can vary a bit from one patient to another. It is worth it!

Dental implants are artificial roots that get made in order to serve exactly the way our natural tooth root does. They get placed straight into the bone, fusing with the bone, and remain stable for your complete lifespan. Titanium is the main composition of dental implants a. It’s one of the highest hospital-grade materials often used in joint replacements in the human body.

What Can You Come Across After Dental Implant Surgery?

Following dental implantation, some of the most common side effects are  swelling, irritation near the implant site, and bruises may occur, especially within the first two to three days of recovery. Although all of these symptoms probably get reduced after about two or three days of dental implant surgery

Following are some of the best ways one can abide by to get pain relief after dental implantation-

Eat Soft Food-

To make sure that the implant area heals faster, it’s better to consume soft foods. This will reduce the pressure on the gum tissues and jaw, enabling the implant to heal way faster. That’s why food items such as mashed potatoes, canned fruit, soup, yogurt, eggs, fish, and oatmeal are all apt choices.

Eat Proper Food - Top Ways To Relieve Pain After a Dental Implant- My Gentle Dentist

Having said that, it’s not much about what you eat, but it’s more about minimising chewing during the recovery timeframe of the implant site. Try your best to consume everything by using the opposite side of your mouth.

Use Ice Packs-

Ice packs are most commonly used to prevent swelling and bruising that happens after dental implantation. Cold compression of 15-15 minutes of time intervals can be effectively done within the first 48 hours of dental implant surgery. Consequently, within three days, you will notice a considerable decrease in the swelling, discomfort, and pain in your teeth. 

Also, following cold compression even after the recovery process, is quite beneficial, as it heals the implant area inside and leaves no room for further painful experiences on the implant

Take proper Rest -

Take proper rest- Top Ways To Relieve Pain After a Dental Implant - My Gentle Dentist

Relaxation plays a huge role after having a dental implant. It’s always recommended to get proper rest, not only just immediately after getting a dental implant done but also for maybe two-three consecutive days. Any sudden afterward physical activity can interject with the healing procedure and may lead to pain, discomfort, swelling, and bleeding.

You may feel completely alright and not experience any pain but, you should not do any heavy physical activity for the first three days. 

Give yourself proper rest, read books, watch television, enjoy easily chewable cuisines, and that’s about it!

Consume Medications -

Pain Killing medications are the most seamless and effective way to relieve pain after having dental implantation. For most of the patients, usual painkillers consisting of acetaminophen or ibuprofen are adequate to keep aftermath pain, swelling, and discomfort in control. However, some may need prescribed medications for the first few days to feel better. 

So, these were some of the top ways to relieve pain after a dental implant.

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