Tooth Extraction


Why Would I Need a Tooth Extraction?

While many teens and some adults get their wisdom teeth removed, there are 5 main reasons why tooth extraction may be necessary in adulthood.

  1. Significant decay or damage to the tooth
  2. Gum disease
  3. Extensive tooth cracks
  4. Poor positioning or functionality
  5. Fractured teeth beyond repair.

Tooth extraction performed by Dentists at My Gentle Dentist is a relatively quick outpatient procedure performed under local anaesthesia.

Our Dentists at My Gentle Dentist Arana Hills have special training in removing teeth under local anaesthesia and are very competent and quick.

If need be, we use Happy Gas for patients with fear and anxiety of Dental procedures.

PLEASE NOTE: Those who are undergoing chemotherapy or are about to have an organ transplant may need compromised teeth removed in order to keep their mouth healthy.

Compromised teeth are teeth that are in danger of decay, misalignment or damage so severe that they’ll need to be removed.

IMPORTANT: Please tell your Dentist about any of the following conditions:

A history of bacterial endocarditis.

Tooth Extraction Treatment Options & Cost

The Two Tooth Extraction Treatment Options Are a:

  1. Simple extraction to remove visible teeth
  2. Surgical extraction (more involved procedure) for teeth that are:

The Cost for Tooth Extraction Varies Widely Depending on Whether the Tooth is Impacted:

We at My Gentle Dentist will quote you for the entire procedure before performing the procedure and make sure you are comfortable with the costs.

How to Prepare for a Tooth Extraction

Before performing the procedure, your Dentist will take an X-ray of your tooth.

IMPORTANT: Be sure to tell your Dentist about any medications you take as this might affect / change the extraction protocol.

PLEASE NOTE: My Gentle Dentist Arana Hills will take thorough medical history to make sure your overall health is safeguarded.

Your Dentist may want to make sure all conditions are stable or treated before you undergo the tooth extraction.

You might be prescribed antibiotics in the days leading up to the procedure if:

Tooth Extraction Healing and Recovery

Recovery from tooth extraction only takes a few days – but you need to keep in mind 3 factors:

1. Immediate Steps

2. Next 48 Hours

3. Dietary Choices

My Gentle Dentist is Your Tooth Extraction Experts

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