Easing Your Anxiety with our Dental Treatments

Dental Anxiety Explained

Do you get anxious when visiting the Dentist?

You are not alone with studies showing…

“1 in 6 Australian adults, and 1 in 10 Australian children feel the effects of Dental anxiety”

Dental anxiety is a condition in which you suffer any form of discomfort, nervousness, fear and even panic at the thought of going to the Dentist.

In more extreme cases, it can manifest into very real symptoms.

It is natural to feel a little bit anxious about visiting your Dentist.

However, when the situation gets out of hand, it can hold you back from keeping up with your oral health.

Over Time, The Effects of Dental Anxiety Can Become Overwhelming – Stop the Cycle by Talking to Your Dentist

We Will Ease Your Anxiety Guaranteed

My Gentle Dentist’s goal is to create a “tranquil” Dentist environment where you can:

“It is possible to change your perception of Dentistry completely as you replace your negative experiences with new positive ones” ~ Dr. Deepak and Dr. Deepti Parwani ~

My Gentle Dentist take multiple steps to create a tranquil environment for your Dental appointment including:

My Gentle Dentist Will Create a Tranquil Environment Where You Can Relax and Create New Positive Dental Experiences

One of the most important factors in overcoming Dental anxiety is good communication between you and your Dentist.

When you feel informed and in control throughout a visit, you are typically less anxious.

Not Only are we willing to discuss your anxiety and work out a series of hand signals you can use to help ease your concerns, but we also offer sedation techniques (discussed below) to help ease your fears about treatment.

My Gentle Dentist wants you to have every opportunity to feel comfortable and secure during your visit.

Whether it’s a routine cleaning or a more in-depth Dental procedure, we want you to take the time you need to ease your anxiety and maximise your comfort.

My Gentle Dentist encourage patients concerned about anxiety to schedule an appointment to discuss your worries and the ways we can help.

This appointment can be a stress-free occasion where you talk to us about the causes of Dental anxiety, as well as the methods we have available to help ease those concerns.

Because ultimately…

When you are prepared going into the Dentist’s office it:

Communication Between Patient and Dentist is Key at My Gentle Dentist

Your 3 Options to Ease Anxiety During Dental Treatments

My Gentle Dentist provides all aspects of Sedation Dentistry care for different types of Dental treatments that are available at our Arana Hills practice to all patients.

Note: Not all patients are suitable for sedation Dentistry.

We will help identify if one of our sedation methods is a suitable choice for you.

1. Happy Gas

Happy gas (also known as laughing gas) can help you relax during your Dental treatment.

A mask is fitted to your face, and when you breath the happy gas it takes effect within a few minutes and wears off quickly.

You will feel relaxed but will still be awake.

Happy Gas Can Help You Relax During Your Dental Treatment

You can talk to the Dentist, and hear what they say to you, but you will not necessarily remember everything once the visit is over. 

For most people, the relaxed sensation created by happy gas sedation is very pleasant.

Occasionally people do not like the sensation it creates, and other options can be considered.

Click here to read more about Happy Gas.

If you are interested in using Happy Gas for your Dental treatment, please contact us.

We will provide all the advice you need and guide you as to whether happy gas is the best option to relieve anxiety for your next Dental treatment.

For Most People, The Relaxed Sensation Created by Happy Gas Sedation is Very Pleasant

2. Penthrox Sedation

Penthrox Sedation is a self-administered inhaled analgesic handheld device used by My Gentle Dentist for relieving anxiety.

The Penthrox is very commonly used in ambulance services and is also looks like the whistle.

Penthrox provides immediate pain relief and decreases the anxiety levels for patients, when used by the Dentists during their Dental treatments.

Penthrox has been used in Australia for more than thirty years.

It contains gases, which allows the patient to breathe in those gases.

Its effectiveness depends on how much the patient inhales the gas.

With the Penthrox device the patient is in control of the device and the patient can use as required and feels relaxed.

Penthrox can be used in most cases of the Dental treatment in relieving anxiety.

If you are interested in Penthrox sedation for your Dental treatment, please contact us.

We will provide all the advice you need and guide you as to whether Penthrox sedation is the best option to relieve anxiety for your next Dental treatment

Penthrox Can Be Used in Most Cases of Dental Treatment in Relieving Anxiety

3. STA Wand Computerised Local Anaesthetic System

My Gentle Dentist now has available the latest technology in the STA “Wand”, a computerised local anaesthetic delivery system.

The advantages for you and your family are:

Contact us to ask how the STA Wand can help make your Dental experience more comfortable.

We will provide all the advice you need and guide you as to whether STA want is the best option to relieve anxiety for your next Dental treatment.

Ask Us How STA Wand Can Help Make Your Dental Experience More Comfortable

Our Gentle, Unhurried & Non-Judgemental Approach

As a patient-focused Dental practice, it is our goal to ensure that you receive all Dental Treatment with a:

1. Gentle

2. Unhurried, and

3. Non-Judgment Approach.


Our goal is to make you are as comfortable as possible while being mindful of your:

For Further Proof:

Read our amazing reviews online from other Dental patents.

We are 100% sure that this independent feedback will help you establish trust with My Gentle Dentist – by seeing how we have helped hundreds of other patients with their Dental care.

The My Gentle Dentist Gentle, Unhurried & Non-Judgemental Approach

Managing Your Dental Anxiety

Fortunately, there is a solution for patients with Dental anxiety.

You do not have to live all your life, afraid of seeing a Dentist.

Here are some measures you can take:

  • Talk to your Dentist about it – once they know you have fears, they are better placed at coming up with solutions for you. It is why oral sedation Dentistry at My Gentle Dentist exists for patients with Dental anxiety.
  • Take a deep breath – even before you visit a Dentist that can put you to sleep near you, take several deep breaths as you await your turn with the Dentist.
  • Distract yourself – listen to music, watch a movie, or jot in a journal

Managing Your Dental Anxiety is Easier than You Think!

My Gentle Dentist are Experts in Easing Your Dental Anxiety

Take a Deep Breath…

Sit Back and Relax…

Let us Ease Your Anxiety.

My Gentle Dentist Will Ease Your Dental Anxiety Guaranteed

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