Causes of Sensitive Teeth

Sensitive Teeth Can Be Caused by Following Dental Issues

  1. Worn tooth enamel from using a hard toothbrush and using a hard grip while brushing aggressively.
  1. Tooth erosion due to highly acidic foods and beverages.
  1. Tooth decay, worn leaky fillings and broken teeth that expose the dentin of your tooth.
  1. Gum recession that leaves your root surface exposed.
  1. Grinding your teeth at night.
  1. Post dental treatment sensitivity – common, but temporary, especially with procedures such as dental crown and bridge, dental fillings and tooth bleaching.

Dental Treatment Needed for Sensitive Teeth

We at My Gentle Dentist will always treat the underlying cause to achieve the best possible solution for you.

Sharp and temporary pain in your teeth when brushing your teeth, eating and drinking is no laughing matter and could have many underlying causes that need attended to.

If you are bothered by sensitive teeth talk to your Dentist at My Gentle Dentist Arana Hills immediately after your Dentist determines the reason for your sensitivity.

Depending on your circumstances and in addition to any treatment you might require…. your Dentist might recommend:

Recommendation Benefit Ask us
✔ Desensitising Toothpaste
Can sometimes help block pain.
My Gentle Dentist can recommend the best one for you.
✔ Fluoride
Strengthen tooth enamel and reduce pain.
My Gentle Dentist will advise you on this.
✔ Desensitising or Bonding
Treat exposed root surfaces.
My Gentle Dentist will advise you on this.
✔ Surgical Gum Graft
Protect exposed roots and reduce sensitivity.
My Gentle Dentist will advise you on this.
✔ Root Canal
Treat problems in the tooth’s soft core
My Gentle Dentist will advise you on this.

Book an appointment to discuss about this very common Dental problem.

Sensitive Teeth Prevention

Prevention is critical when it comes to sensitive teeth and to prevent sensitive teeth from recurring:

Teeth should be brushed with gentle strokes rather than vigorously / harshly and avoid using an abrasive toothpaste.

Always moderate the eating or drinking acidic food and drinks – like soft drinks, citrus fruits and wine – these can and do remove small amounts of tooth enamel over time.

Drinking acidic drinks is perfectly fine but remember to use a straw to limit the contact with your teeth.

Always drink plenty of water each day and it is also recommended to drink water after eating or drinking an acidic substance to balance the acid levels in your mouth.

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