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An Introduction To Invisalign In 5 Minutes!

Are you fed up with people laughing at you because of your crooked teeth? And, you are looking forward to improving your smile? In that case, Invisalign treatment can be an excellent option for a smile makeover.

Braces are one of the most apparent remedies for Orthodontic Problems. Still, with an increasing number of kids and adults requiring their teeth to be straightened, another option known as Invisalign treatment has become popular.

Let’s learn everything about Invisalign: Definition, Pros, Cost, and Cleaning Regime.

What is Invisalign?

Invisalign are clear teeth aligners that help correct smiles and are currently at the forefront of Dental Technology. Clear aligners like Invisalign are the most popular alternative to braces. From mild overbites and underbites to malocclusions, Invisalign can help.

Invisalign Clear Aligners comprise FDA-approved medical-grade plastic that has no BPA, BPS, latex, or gluten. They are nearly unnoticeable since they are thin, translucent, and fit securely over your teeth.

Invisalign must be worn on both your upper and lower teeth. Your teeth will gradually straighten while the aligners are worn. The aligners, unlike traditional braces, must be removed when eating or drinking non-clear liquids. Each pair of aligners is typically worn for 22 hours each day, five to seven days. After that, you change to a fresh pair of aligners. Although treatment times vary, most people wear their aligners for 6 to 12 months.

By revolutionising the world of orthodontic care and making straight teeth and healthy smiles available to more individuals worldwide, Invisalign has helped over 7+ million people attain stunning smiles.

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Why should you consider Invisalign?

1. Invisible:

The invisibility of Invisalign Clear Teeth Aligners is one of their key advantages. In other words, they are more visually appealing, and most people will not notice you are wearing them. Most people find Braces unattractive, and thus, Invisalign is a perfect choice for teens and adults who want to straighten their teeth while confidently smiling without procrastination.

2. Quick Process:

Straightening your teeth with conventional orthodontic procedures like Metal Braces might take a long time. Wearing metal braces, for example, can take up to 5 years to align your teeth. Straightening your teeth using Invisalign, on the other hand, could take up to a year and a half. Treatment time with Invisalign is up to 50% faster, with 75 per cent better predictability in teeth straightening.

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3. Comfort:

With Invisalign, you are guaranteed to have a pleasant experience. Since there are no sharp or protruding edges, one doesn’t need to brood over painful nicks or cuts in the mouth. Additionally, these Clear Teeth Aligners are customised to fit your teeth and mouth.

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4. Hygiene:

Invisalign Clear Teeth Aligners are removable! When you’re ready to wash and floss your teeth, all you have to do is remove the Invisalign Teeth Aligners, clean your teeth, and pop them back into your mouth. Cleaning the Invisalign is also possible! Remove the trays and clean with your toothbrush to ensure there is no buildup. It’s essential to maintain oral hygiene when straightening your teeth so you can smile your brightest at the end of the Invisalign Treatment!

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5. No Food Restrictions:

One of the most frustrating parts of teeth straightening with Metal Braces is the food restrictions. When you use conventional ways to straighten your teeth, you will be unable to eat various foods.

Example: Hard Taco Shells, Pretzels, Popcorns, Nuts, Gums, Hard Cookies.

Anything that is excessively hard, chewy, or sticky is forbidden too!

Nevertheless, Invisalign is unaffected by these concerns. Fortunately, you can eat whatever you want with Invisalign. Remove the trays and eat as much as you like! Just remove your Invisalign Teeth Aligners before you dig into your food.

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What will be the Treatment Process?

Step 1: At My Gentle Dentist, we will start with the Invisalign Treatment with a consultation. Your Dentist will examine your teeth and chalk out a customised Digital Treatment Plan, which will show how your smile will change over time.

Step 2: If you choose to move forward with the Invisalign Treatment, a series of 3D digital impressions will be taken.

Step 3: The images created with the help of 3D imprints are submitted to the Invisalign laboratories. Next, a unique set of trays will be made by the team there for you. Depending on the severity of the misalignment, the number of trays in each patient’s series will vary.

Step 4: Patients are required to return to our Dental Clinic to pick up their trays, and the procedure will be illustrated to you by your Dentist.

Step 5: You’ll wear each set of aligners for 20- 22 hours every day, changing them every 1 to 2 weeks as suggested by your Dentist. According to your Invisalign Treatment plan, each set of aligners will softly and gradually push your teeth into place until you get your new smile.

What is the cost of Invisalign Treatment?

The cost of Invisalign Treatment in Australia range from $4,000 -$7,000. Kindly note, Invisalign is an orthodontic procedure whose price varies from case to case.

Nevertheless, there are several ways to make Invisalign more economical for you.

My Gentle Dentist Brookside is proud to be part of Bupa Members First.

All Health Funds with Dental Extra, such as Peoplecare, Medibank, Medicare, HBF, and AAMI, are accepted by us.


How to clean Invisalign Teeth Aligners?

Got your custom-made Invisalign Teeth Aligners fitted by your Orthodontist but have zero knowledge regarding how to clean them properly? Don’t worry!

It is super easy, and it will become part and parcel of your oral hygiene routine in no time.

1. Clean Them Twice Daily:

Since you will be wearing the aligners for a prolonged period, it is crucial to clean your Invisalign Teeth Aligners twice a day, once in the morning and before hitting the bed at night. Make it a habit to clean them with a soft toothbrush using an antibacterial denture cleanser or home-based remedies. It is better to keep a separate toothbrush for your aligners because using your regular toothbrush can leave behind small particles on them. Before fixating the aligners inside your mouth, rinse it with lukewarm water. Avoid using boiling water because the heat can distort the shape of your aligners.

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2. Remove Them Before Eating/ Drinking:

Never forget to remove the Aligners before indulging in a meal. Otherwise, tartar and plaque can grow on the surface and leave behind stains. Besides, there’s a high chance that your aligners can crack while chewing sticky/hard/chewy food.

3.Keep Them In A Retainer Case:

Taking out your Aligner before eating/drinking and misplacing them is a common occurrence. Additionally, leaving them out in the open can lead to the accumulation of bacteria. Thus, always store your aligners in an orthodontic retainer case to keep them safe and squeaky clean.

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4. Regularly Soak The Invisalign Teeth Aligners:

To keep your Aligners smelling their best, make it a practice to regularly soak them in Invisalign’s cleaning crystals or other home-based solutions for a minimum of 10-15 minutes. Avoid dissolving the cleaning crystals/ home-based solution in piping-hot water. The Aligners can get damaged due to the heat and affect your teeth-straightening treatment.

Post-sterilization, rinse the Aligners with cold water to wash away any remnants of the solution.

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If you are seeking a Dental service near Arana Hills, visit My Gentle Dentist. Every time you visit our Clinics, our skilled and professional Dental Team will be committed to creating a comfortable, stress-free, and enjoyable dental experience.

Hurry up, get your appointment scheduled for Invisalign Treatment at My Gentle Dentist, and gift yourself a charming smile in Less than 12 Months!

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